September 12, 2010

moving day

today we spontaneously went to help a friend of fianc's who was moving house a couple of blocks. no big drama, we thought - we were only asked casually to join a team of helpers, we thought it'd be some lifting boxes and probably a couple of beers at the end.

we could not have been MORE WRONG.

some things that happened in the process:
- we destroyed the first wardrobe halfway down the stairs of the house we were moving it out of. we picked it up and it dramatically fell apart. (bought less than 6 months ago. ah, ikea.)
- we were transporting a huge couch on a trailer on the back of the car. we thought we had secured it fairly well. we hadn't. it fell off in the middle of church st (busy street!) and only narrowly avoided a taxi. we had to leave it by the side of the road for about half an hour while we did the rest of the transportation for that trip. (yes, it was still there when we got back.)
- we destroyed the second wardrobe picking it up off the trailer - we managed to get it down the (same as above) stairs and onto the trailer, but when we tried to get it off the trailer again? spontaneous combustion. (yes, it WAS the same make as the first wardrobe! NICE ONE, IKEA.)
- fianc got thoroughly dinged up in the leg from the first wardrobe falling on top of him as it fell apart. he has been in the wars lately, not good! poor leg.

by the time we had made a big pile of all the pieces of wardrobe for hard rubbish pick up, the whole thing seemed utterly insane. did i mention it was just the three of us for most of this time? nobody else was there to help! even the other housemates who were moving were noticeably absent. (about which i raised an extremely unimpressed eyebrow. multiple times.) i was glad we were there though, because if we hadn't spontaneously decided to turn up, i cannot imagine how friend of ours would've moved. it would have actually been physically impossible.

on the up side, like the gentleman he is, friend bought us both dinner and beers after at the local :D excellent. we watched the US Open women's final and drank our beers and chatted about miscellany.

i was really glad we'd gone. despite the wardrobes. and the couch.

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