September 10, 2010

weekend roundup

good things:

wedding dresses that come in parcels in the mail. it's like christmas for grownups, shopping on ebay, especially in the era of credit cards. i tried on the dress and twirled around and figured out the alterations and got all excited. i showed fianc (we are not of the superstitious or the lame. he has excellent dress sense.) and he said he thought i looked hot. WIN.

camembert and french baguette.

second hand market bookstores. or just, you know, any second hand book stores anywhere.

cats that want to sleep all curled up next to you and stop you from going to sleep with their purring.

champagne and tapas on a friday night with excellent conversation. best night out i've had in a while. delightful, and when you eat barely anything, surprisingly inexpensive!

bad things:

the new neighbours above us decided to have a party on friday night. i got home at 11.30, champagne-fuelled, and fell asleep. until 2.30. then 3.30. then 4.30. at about 5.25 they turned off the brain-numbing thumping bass music JUST before i was about to go upstairs in my pajamas and physically kill them / scream obscenities / ok probably give them a cutting speech about how they were new in the building and now everyone hated them, nice one new kids. thank god they have stopped the music now, i thought. a minute later they started singing along at the top of their lungs to music from Glee. my death instinct warred with my instinct to laugh hysterically; the latter won. just.

more good things:

saturday afternoon naps. i must go do this now. later we will return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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