September 14, 2010


this pescatarian thing is good in theory and supposed to be helping me lose weight. (note: i'm not all girly about this shit, i just like being relatively slim and have a dangerous predeliction for cheese and beer that i need to keep an eye on.) but for lunch today my brain was all "prawn and cherry tomato pizza!" and i said "ok, brain! awesome!" and then added a tim tam, and now i feel like i ate a dinosaur or some other large object. a brick, maybe. whoops.

in addition i'm heading off to my alma mater and leaving work early today to talk about the process by which i got my day job and how it (the process) is awesome. or at least, i suspect that's what they're hoping i'll say to all the young niblets i'll be showing around. more likely i will warn them that they are most likely about to lose their souls in exchange for knowing how to look up arcane case law and cram like they've never crammed before in their lives. for me it was worth it (sort of), but i still wonder whether it really is for most people. i wanted to be a lawyer from age ten onwards and the only thing that convinced me i didn't really want to go to law school was, well, going to law school. touche, world, touche. and here i am, working in my current job at [redacted], and it's ... well it would be good if i could change a few rather key elements. like one or two of the people. and the shape of the building. and the dress code. (so very much wish i could wear jeans to work.) and no, i haven't heard back from the dream job people yet, but they told me i wouldn't for a while. so. shrug. ok. still waiting, very nice people!

i better get back to the grindstone, tapping away in front of a screen and thinking about how stupid people are. (no really, that's a fair description of my work. in fact that's probably all i can tell you! there you go.)

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