October 29, 2010


today i spent the entire day fighting off a screen headache. standard strength neurofen made it sort of go away for a while, but by 4pm it was back with a vengeance. by 5.30 when i left work i was nauseous and dizzy. (good thing my job involves staring at a screen all day, hey.)

here is my solution for the borderline migraine i just made go away:

super strong neurofen plus forte genius extreme. x 2.

lie down in a dark room with an eye mask on for extra darkness. allow no sounds.

(for bonus points do this naked between flannel sheets. they are very comforting.)

when the throbbing and buzzing has completely ceased, and you can take the eye mask off without the light hurting your brain again, get up. SLOWLY.

the nausea will still be present. fix this with four or more pieces of sourdough bread, intermixed with bites of tasty cheese. eat slowly and appreciate the comfort food. (if this is not your comfort food, substitute appropriate alternatives. however, i highly recommend carbs.)

wash down with beer. (if it interacts with the insaneo strong painkillers, all the better. maybe don't drive anywhere though.)

now you may look at your computer screen again. carefully. if any signs of repeat headache even suggest themselves to you, flee the area.

October 18, 2010


i didn't think it was possible for me to be excited about a wedding dress any more. i've done so much research that white blindness has become second nature to me. (and that i know what the phrase "white blindness" refers to. here's a hint: not skiing.) i've done so much research that there were points in time where even the words "wedding" and "dress" in the one sentence were enough to make me simultaneously slightly nauseous, and FURIOUS for no apparent reason. i was pretty sure that i had done SO much research that i had seen every wedding dress known to man and i hated all of them without exception, because the research had made me physically ill. i had been to salons, i had been to normal dress shops, i had been to indie dress shops, i had been to op shops (thrift stores), and of course i had scoured the internet with a fine tooth comb.

and after all that, i was semi-seriously considering a bikini wedding (and yes, that would be a bikini wedding elopement, for surely obvious reasons) because by that point i hated all the wedding dresses so much i would happily have set them on fire.

but. BUT. here's the kicker.

i found myself sitting in my office this morning trying not to squeal out loud about the colour of chiffon petticoats. and not in an ironic way. in an actual, OMGperfectcolourOMG, i am twelve years old, squeal-y way. because i think i am actually going to like my dress.

(and also because i have lost my mind, clearly. i said to my friend, "i am excited about chiffon. aliens have abducted my brain". he replied, "well, yes. but at least it isn't permanent.")

discussing very final dress decision

me: both [dress options] would be beautiful
friend: that is a tough decision! and both so close together!
me: yes!
at the same time, i would love them both
i think one is a bit more classic
(the lace one)
but actually, the tulle would make me look more "bridal" than the lace, maybe
friend: yeah they both have elements of that classic bridal look
i am always inclined towards the more fun option
you should print out life size versions of both
life size cutouts! OF MYSELF!
this is clearly the most appropriate bridal thing to do.
friend: yes
that would not look at all crazy
use the large plan printer at work since the office is empty
me: hahahaha
and then propping them up in my office
and covering them with PRO or CON postit notes.
friend: 'i don't like this cuff'
'this strap could be 3mm wider'
do itttttt

(no, i have not done this. yet.)

October 12, 2010

things that inevitably bring improvement to an otherwise fairly shitty day:

feta cheese and crackers
dry white wine (not too cold, must be able to actually taste said wine)
cuddles and superb listening skills from the fianc
cats demanding attention and chasing crumpled paper balls all over the house
trackpants and slippers
magnetic fields
georgette heyer novels awaiting me
marinated salmon and salad for dinner (to offset all the cheese)
fianc. again. because he is just really extra-specially great when i've had a crappy day.

October 4, 2010

bring on summer

this weekend was a really fantastic, tumultuous, complicated, relief of a weekend. i felt like i hadn't had a weekend in MONTHS. not a proper one.

i realise now that a lot of this is that the sun finally came out. properly. not in that wimpy, hey it's going to rain again soon and go back to being 15 degrees, way that it has occasionally throughout winter. it was actually warm for the first time in ... since what, May? i turned pink from sitting outside at lunchtime on sunday! i cannot underestimate just how much good some sunshine will do. (not the burny cancerous part, the vitamin d part.) i felt alive again. makes me want to move to the gold coast and sunbake through winter every year.

also, and in no particular order:

i found a wedding dress that makes my heart sing
i had breakfast and lunch (in the one day!) with a lady who is making me happy with a new kind of friendship
i had time to lie around with the fianc and not feel exhausted
i had a big, good, much needed cry. or two.
i did things just for myself
i talked to my mum properly for the first time in months. (missed her a lot.)
i ate one of my favourite summer foods, and it was delish
i started to actually feel really 'me' about the wedding - like it's for us, not somebody else

and tonight i got home from work, and the sun was still shining, and it was warm, and i went for my favourite run with lady gaga pumping in my ears and the wind from the sea through my hair.

things are looking up!