October 18, 2010


i didn't think it was possible for me to be excited about a wedding dress any more. i've done so much research that white blindness has become second nature to me. (and that i know what the phrase "white blindness" refers to. here's a hint: not skiing.) i've done so much research that there were points in time where even the words "wedding" and "dress" in the one sentence were enough to make me simultaneously slightly nauseous, and FURIOUS for no apparent reason. i was pretty sure that i had done SO much research that i had seen every wedding dress known to man and i hated all of them without exception, because the research had made me physically ill. i had been to salons, i had been to normal dress shops, i had been to indie dress shops, i had been to op shops (thrift stores), and of course i had scoured the internet with a fine tooth comb.

and after all that, i was semi-seriously considering a bikini wedding (and yes, that would be a bikini wedding elopement, for surely obvious reasons) because by that point i hated all the wedding dresses so much i would happily have set them on fire.

but. BUT. here's the kicker.

i found myself sitting in my office this morning trying not to squeal out loud about the colour of chiffon petticoats. and not in an ironic way. in an actual, OMGperfectcolourOMG, i am twelve years old, squeal-y way. because i think i am actually going to like my dress.

(and also because i have lost my mind, clearly. i said to my friend, "i am excited about chiffon. aliens have abducted my brain". he replied, "well, yes. but at least it isn't permanent.")

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