October 18, 2010

discussing very final dress decision

me: both [dress options] would be beautiful
friend: that is a tough decision! and both so close together!
me: yes!
at the same time, i would love them both
i think one is a bit more classic
(the lace one)
but actually, the tulle would make me look more "bridal" than the lace, maybe
friend: yeah they both have elements of that classic bridal look
i am always inclined towards the more fun option
you should print out life size versions of both
life size cutouts! OF MYSELF!
this is clearly the most appropriate bridal thing to do.
friend: yes
that would not look at all crazy
use the large plan printer at work since the office is empty
me: hahahaha
and then propping them up in my office
and covering them with PRO or CON postit notes.
friend: 'i don't like this cuff'
'this strap could be 3mm wider'
do itttttt

(no, i have not done this. yet.)

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