October 29, 2010


today i spent the entire day fighting off a screen headache. standard strength neurofen made it sort of go away for a while, but by 4pm it was back with a vengeance. by 5.30 when i left work i was nauseous and dizzy. (good thing my job involves staring at a screen all day, hey.)

here is my solution for the borderline migraine i just made go away:

super strong neurofen plus forte genius extreme. x 2.

lie down in a dark room with an eye mask on for extra darkness. allow no sounds.

(for bonus points do this naked between flannel sheets. they are very comforting.)

when the throbbing and buzzing has completely ceased, and you can take the eye mask off without the light hurting your brain again, get up. SLOWLY.

the nausea will still be present. fix this with four or more pieces of sourdough bread, intermixed with bites of tasty cheese. eat slowly and appreciate the comfort food. (if this is not your comfort food, substitute appropriate alternatives. however, i highly recommend carbs.)

wash down with beer. (if it interacts with the insaneo strong painkillers, all the better. maybe don't drive anywhere though.)

now you may look at your computer screen again. carefully. if any signs of repeat headache even suggest themselves to you, flee the area.

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