October 4, 2010

bring on summer

this weekend was a really fantastic, tumultuous, complicated, relief of a weekend. i felt like i hadn't had a weekend in MONTHS. not a proper one.

i realise now that a lot of this is that the sun finally came out. properly. not in that wimpy, hey it's going to rain again soon and go back to being 15 degrees, way that it has occasionally throughout winter. it was actually warm for the first time in ... since what, May? i turned pink from sitting outside at lunchtime on sunday! i cannot underestimate just how much good some sunshine will do. (not the burny cancerous part, the vitamin d part.) i felt alive again. makes me want to move to the gold coast and sunbake through winter every year.

also, and in no particular order:

i found a wedding dress that makes my heart sing
i had breakfast and lunch (in the one day!) with a lady who is making me happy with a new kind of friendship
i had time to lie around with the fianc and not feel exhausted
i had a big, good, much needed cry. or two.
i did things just for myself
i talked to my mum properly for the first time in months. (missed her a lot.)
i ate one of my favourite summer foods, and it was delish
i started to actually feel really 'me' about the wedding - like it's for us, not somebody else

and tonight i got home from work, and the sun was still shining, and it was warm, and i went for my favourite run with lady gaga pumping in my ears and the wind from the sea through my hair.

things are looking up!

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